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I should have been doing this all along….

Writing to commence daily at this point. I may only get out a sentence here and there….I might actually get a paragraph but I’m getting something down. I WILL finish and it may read like utter tripe but that mother fucker is getting done.

Question is — which one. I guess I’ll go by mood and when sci-fi snark hits me we’ll go with Jason Leeks and when I feel like exploring fantasy/horror we’ll go down the rabbit hole of that other story which completely comes as a blank right now. Huh. I can’t remember the damn story and I wrote an entire introduction……. long ass one too.

I also now have the hubby riding my ass about completing the screen play for 7″s of Love. I have the story but it needs to be converted into a screen play and then he is now going on about wanting to do short films again so I have had to drag out the notebook of splatter films and reacquaint myself with all of those gory stories. He has informed me we now have friends who have the means to make some of these short films happen if we get off our duffs.

Have I mentioned how much I really just need, like, a year to myself. No job, just well, the job of writing for myself. blah!

Its just another fucking Manic Monday…stupid

blah blah blappity blax.  I’m feeling antsy.  I need something exciting to do. I’m feeling the climb of adreline just before the slap on the bottom of the bottle to pop that securtiy top.  Just waiting to hear that little *POP*.  Its going to be a great summer.  I need two people though who would be willing to act for me….I need a girl and a guy willing to be silly stupid and let me film them….  I’m in a rambling mood.  I need to print out my movie scenes too.  I got a lot of 82 barbies coming in this week.  Bloody Bloody Hell.  Its gonna rock \m/