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Where are all the female writers?

There are three specific genres I am passionate about when reading; science-fiction, horror and fantasy. Each of these genres has been very influential in my life and has had a hand in molding my personality and who I am yet when I look back — I don’t recall very many female authors in this genre. The most influential writers of the current times that have made a huge impact on me are Douglas Adams, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman and Stepehn King. I can only think of one female author who made an impact and that was Kathe Koja and her book Bad Brains. I believe I have read that particular book at least 20 times. However, I have no other female authors in these genres on my bookshelves. Why? Is it because women tend to write in other genres or is it because woman are not as accepted? I don’t know that answer. I’m not one to jump on the “woman are not treated equally” band wagon. In fact, I tend to steer as clear away from that mantra as possible yet I’m perplexed by this phenomenon. Especially since these threee genres are the ones I tend to write stories under.

Speaking of writing. I formulated a new idea while clearing an excel spreadsheet over the last few days. It centers around an entity seeping through the dimensional walls and infecting a playground full of children. Initially thought to be a disease – they are treated at a local hospital only to discover it is something much more sinister and turning the chidren from peaceful happy-go-lucky youths into something much darker and dangerous. I’m fleshing out the storyline. Hopefully I’ll get to work on this soon. I seem to be stuck in a no-go situation with Jason Leeks momentarily so maybe stepping into another world for a bit will stop me from obsessing and the story will start to flow naturally again or at the very least I can relax from trying to move that forward for a bit.

Anywho – thoughts on this whole, woman not being in the top of the three genres I listed (horror, science-fiction or fantasy)? I’d love to hear from others on their opinions of this. I have no definitive opinion; just curiousity.

Just who is Jason Leeks?

What is becoming my first novel is really a grand experience so far.  Of course, I’m in the beginning stages where what I started working on actually (honest to Buddha) took on a life of its own.  I have never had a story just announce itself and say, “Okay, whatever you were doing, Stop. I’m here and ready to be told to the world.”  This is all new to me and is still fascinating. 

Today – I’m going to explore exactly who is Jason Leeks since he seems to have just appeared in my head and taken over the controls so effortlessly.  So far, from what I can surmise, he is a loner in his early to mid 30’s.  He isn’t a very social guy and has a bit of a sarcastic mouth as well as quite a pragmatic view of life in general.  He has spent his life, up until being kidnapped, as a record store owner who spends his off time consuming large quantities of beer and getting into fights.  A lot of beer.  A lot of fights.  He seems pretty open to the idea of the universe containing an entire civilization that he knew nothing about and while he is a smart fella, he is not very graceful nor do his ideas for survival always work out the way he plans them.  This is okay for the most part because he seems to have a streak of luck that follows him around.  While he is a jerk at times he still seems to be a general nice guy; he just hasn’t figured out how to BE that nice guy.  He is tall, stands at 6’3” and while not out of shape due to moving stacks of records around regularly, he is a bit portly in the belly.  I think he will find this worked off soon though once he has taken off on his adventures.  I do believe he is also much smarter than he is letting on at this point. 

I have already gotten almost 6K words done in the last couple of days.  I’m an edit as you go person, which I know goes against everything everyone ever says about writing but I just work better this way.  I’m sure there will be additional editing after completion but hopefully not as much.  I’m shooting for about 105K for this story since it is science fiction.  I doubt I’ll keep this pace up the entire time I’m writing but I feel like there is more of a possibility of getting close to what I’ve been doing on a semi-regular basis.  The story is all there, bits and pieces keep popping up in my brain throughout the day.  As they make their appearance I jot them down and then as I go along I figure out where they want/need to be— I still cannot believe the feeling I get about this particular story.  I feel like a flood gate opened somewhere in my head and Mr. Jason Leeks was on the other side waving nonchalantly at me, beer in one hand and space tazer hanging off his hip

Prompt #3 In which someone eats a lot of cookies

Sitting on my keyboard was the most delicious looking chocolate fudge cookie wrapped carefully in cellophane with a decorative ribbon of colors.  I smiled to myself.  It has been a month and everyday that I get to my desk I have had one of these waiting for me.  Well, not this particular cookie.  I have devoured all types of cookies this month from sugar to cheesecake flavored.  It has been amazing.  I leaned down to pick it up and start unwrapping my anonymous treasure when I noticed a note underneath it on the desk.  I picked it up and examined the outside for any signatures as I still have no idea who has been giving me all these gifts of fabulous sugar.  There was nothing on the outside so I carefully unfolded the note and read what was inside.  My eyes widened with each sentence.

Dear Milly,

You and I have never met but we will in short time.  I chose you randomly for this project and I hope you don’t try to think or figure out the methodology as there really was no deciding factor other than I saw you and thought you’d be perfect.  I have been working for years on an innovative idea for a product and finally found the correct formula but needed a test subject.  So, for the last month I have left you a cookie.  In each cookie there has been a microscopic computer chip which when put in your mouth should have absorbed into your cheek.  Once inside you it would travel through your bloodstream to the appropriate location.  Each chip once consumed would wait for the next piece.  When all of the pieces where in place they would be ready for the final step.  You are now holding the final step. This last cookie contains the “activation” chip which will begin a process that is going to take 36 hours to complete as well as a sedative that will assure that you are comfortable during the transformation. I am sure you are overwhelmed by curiosity and fear. Should you choose NOT to eat the cookie the remaining chips will dissolve over the next week. Should you choose to eat it then you will, over the next day and a half, physically become a man for a temporary time period. When you awake after the change I will be there to assist you and document this experiment.

I put the note down on my desk and started at the cookie in my hand. My brain kept spinning as it tried to process all of the information I just read. Looking up at my calendar and then at my overflowing inbox I picked up my desk phone. I called my supervisor and very casually told her, “Jenny, I have a family emergency I will be out of the office for awhile but I’ll let you know as soon as I know something.” As I hung up the phone I looked at the cookie again and decided to eat this one at home in the bed.