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Let’s talk government intervention…

My son has asthma.  This has been easily handled thanks to having decent insurance and also being able to purchase over the counter inhalers for less than $20.00 for most of his life.  This all changed about two years ago.  Inhalers were “repackaged” and supposedly made more “safe”.  The funny things, this change had two steps that have now made his condition much more dangerous.

1) The repackaging and labeling allowed the pharmaceutical companies to now charge an exorbitant fee for their product as it was a “new” product now and all inhalers prior to the new requirements were recalled and pulled from shelves.

2) In order to get  these inhalers you now have to see a Dr every time you need a refill and you MUST have a prescription.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PRESCRIPTION TO BREATHE!!!

Something that costs less than $20.00 now costs, with insurance (really good ins.), $58.00.  You may be saying, wait Jamie, this is the drug companies fault.  No, its the fault of our government by allowing themselves to bought and sold to the biggest bidder and taking in over half a million dollars from the drug companies to rewrite policy to benefit THEIR bottom line.  Lets not think about the thousands of people who suffer from this and in a moment’s emergency reach for their inhaler and its low.  Instead of being able to get to the nearest pharmacy and grab an inhaler off the shelf….they must go to an emergency room for treatments.  If you happen to be running short on funds one month, well, I hope you don’t have asthma because you may find yourself struggling for air as you try to make it to your next paycheck so you can afford this “new and improved” inhaler that was created solely for the purpose of lining pockets because you are nothing more than a power point bullet on the many ways the drug companies would like to utilize your illness to pad their bank accounts.

The government, by allowing themselves to be bought and sold, have decided to play with the very lives they have been elected by to serve in your best interests.  If you are not paying attention, they are going to serve you right to death.