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I swear I have ADD

Seriously!!! I know I am bipolar and a lot of doctors confuse symptoms.  My doctor has agreed to let me take the test and I have done some online through other medical facilities.  I’m pretty sure this is an issue.  I look forward to taking this test so I can get my shit straight and the right dosage of meds for allowing me to focus and actually finish things I start.  Looking back at high school and college it would really explain a lot of the issues I had at the time in regards to my studies and grades.  In any case, I know I’m being a bad girl and I at times will pilfer some of my husbands ADD medicine.  All I can say is that taking it does not do for me what it does for others who use it for recreational fun.  It actually does what it is supposed to do.  I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t but it has been so hard lately and I have to get my test here asap also so that when I do go back to work I don’t have some of the reoccurring issues I have had in my last few roles in the accounting world.  I am very good at what I do but I know I am capable of sooooo much more but I can not accomplish those things if I do not get my brain and all its funkiness in order.  Plus, I want to write more without getting distracted when something shiny runs past my field of vision or the wind freakin’ blows and I disappear into some spiral of running myself in circles doing nothing.