I found my writing sweet spot.

I started working on a short story today during the slow interludes at work waiting for the printer to actually function.  I had been working the idea of a horror short over the last couple of days and decided to just peck at the keys and see where it would go.  It went somewhere all right.  My main character somehow became this snarky loner/jerk and the protagonist well, he became a friend instead of foe.  I kept typing away and just letting it come out naturally.  I wanted to see where my fingers and mind where headed and I am headed into my first Sci-fi space adventure.  I have struggled a bit in getting my other stories out and formulated into coherent reads.  However, this is just flying out of my head and progressing in a manner that I would have never dreamed.  I have worked damn hard to produce at least a few hundred words a day on my horror short stories and in a few hours I have banged out over 2500 words on this adventure.  It is wonderful and amazing and something I always wanted to write but wasn’t sure I had it in me because I have focused on the horror writing for so long.  I’m going to just let it continue to run and see where Jason Leeks, accidental space pirate, goes on his first adventure.   He is a bit of a mouthy idiot but he somehow seems to catch just enough luck to get by so far.

I finally feel like I have found my story.  The struggle to get something going that was entertaining and fun to write as well as creating some memorable characters.  I am so excited and I really do feel this story like nothing else I have ever had run through these fingers.

Musical Interlude

The tracks laid out
The rhythm smooths down
Beats kick in — your body
Thumps in time — the music
Pumps like blood
Your veins warm with
Frantic melodies replacing oxygen
Moving you around – joyous
The words of poetic rhymes embrace
Calming, soothing, making the world
A better place once again


Catacombs begins…

I’m  wrapping up the last bit of editing for Ray’s Box.  Now, I’m working on this:


I have the very detailed outline for Catacombs ready to work into a short story.  As my slow printer and computer struggle to “think” I’ll start chomping through this list.  I’m hoping that this story will be an improved process over Ray’s Box.  I worked with no outline and didn’t strategize at all before banging away at the keyboard.  I believe that was not the best approach, for me at least. 

I’m considering submitting to some literary magazines or competitions soon.  We shall see.  I have an art show very soon and a second juried show I want to submit for as well.  Its going to be a very busy but productive Summer!

My response and a first try….

I’m so tired of the garbage that gets spouted off by society these days in regards to women and who we are and what role is expected of us. In the face of the latest atrocity women have decided that we are still living “under the thumb” of men. I call bullshit. I don’t believe for one moment in our current society that we are any more victims than any other race, religion, sex or what have you. The most important thing I could ever say to anyone who thinks these things — women are NOT victims just waiting to be taken down at the next dark corner and we need to stop letting society push that image and thought process into us. We are not EVER to blame for men being stupid and violent (or any other individual who chooses to be violent). We need to stop letting culture dictate who we get to be and give them the preverbial finger.

I wrote this today — after a long debate/rant last night about not allowing ourselves to be portrayed as the “oh, so weak and poor women”. I’m tired of that stereotypical pile of crap. I haven’t written anything of this nature since high school and I think I can do better – it at least got the anger out of me at the time.


Victim is not my name; nor my place

Society says I’m weak and to blame

Victim is not my name

I will rise above

I will soar to heights

Unimagined in your predetermined destiny

For me

Fight back; fight strong

I need permission from no one

No One –

Victim is not my name

Not my culture and I will prevail

The fear you thrust upon me

Will not burn and

The flames you stoke to incite

A divide

Will smolder and smoke extinguished by my fluid

Refusal to play your game

Victim is NOT my name.

Back to work..

Well.  After a weekend of fun and focusing on art projects, its back to editing.  I vow to myself and this great universe I WILL get it done this week.  I am about 2/3 of the way through the story.  I really need to get some beta readers or a trusted writing buddy who can understand what I’m going for in my writing to help me with this process.  I’m sure I’m making some good corrections but I’m not sure at the same time.  Ugh!

Photographic Adventures

Well, while I’m in an updating mode….I went on an adventure today with the husband.  We took our bikes and went into Houston.  Starting on the trial in the Heights, we rode our bikes downtown and then through all the amazing buildings.  I took my camera and shot some awesome pictures.  I’m working on getting those together and edited for posting.  It was such a great day for this adventure.  The weather was phenomenal and Comicpalooza was going on at the convention center so I was also able to get some really cool pictures of the characters that were popping in and out of the building.  Downtown Houston has really become a great destination for the city.  They have worked hard on making it a place to take your family and also for flat out exploring and it shows.  I loved running around on the bicycles and soaking in how wonderful our city is now.

Photos to come in the next day or so….hopefully.  🙂

All better now and full of getshitdone energy~

A couple of days of decompressing and focusing on anything but editing or writing and I feel about a billion times better and all energized.  I also read a great blog that I’m a shit for not remembering, but once I do I’ll link it.  The blog was an awesome perspective on how amazing it is to do the rewrite of stories.  I have been looking at it all fucking wrong.  Instead of focusing on the tripe that I have written I need to remember I have a foundation now.  A quick draft (well, as quick as I can be) of an amazing story and now I get to play with it – make my characters stronger and the story even more twisted, really bring out what I wanted from the beginning.  Its a journey that takes some miles not a fast sprint down the block.  As much as I want to be at the end of the road jumping in triumph, I am not there yet and need to stop expecting such quick results.

This is truly the first experience I am having with a serious effort to produce a quality story.  One that will make the reader stop and think, “Did I just read that right?”  A story that will also invoke some pretty disturbing images by the end of the story.  I don’t know why horror/splatter writing has become my choice of genre.  I do know I grew up on horror books and splatter movies.  When I would read horror books I would always get disappointed because the authors always seemed to stop short of really describing and getting into the true gore of the acts occurring in the book.  I don’t want to do that in my writing.  I only hope I can accomplish it well for the audience.  I do have many other ideas that run more to the fantasy side of fiction as well, but those are all longer stories and will have to come after I have successfully mastered a perfectly structured short story that I’m satisfied with in its entirety.  Small steps and all that stuff.  Anyway- I will be a busy beaver this weekend so stick around for some art, photography and lots more writing.