Its that time of day….

If you work a desk job or anything similar, you may understand.  I’m done.  Its that time of day, when the amount of time till I’m off and the work in front of me do not balance out – so, I’m just done.  I’ll fill the last few vestiges of time any way I can in order to “look” busy but really, clock killing is what I’m doing.

I would have stayed on task except I hit a wrong button and something got saved all flipping wrong.  I don’t feel like taking the time to fix it and frankly don’t have enough time left so – tomorrow it will be made right and I’ll finish what I’m doing.

I would feel guilty, except for one of the more important people of the company across the hall from me has been gossiping in his office for the last hour and doing absolutely nothing.  I should have better ethics here but, eh, some days I’m just not up to the task of being the perfect employee.

I did manage to get an entire paragraph written on the space pirate novel.  There’s that….  🙂

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